Thursday, April 12, 2012

Put On Your Party Hats!

Hey everyone! Get ready to pin the brain on the zombie and ready the spanking machine! This Blog is officially ONE YEAR OLD!

Yes it was one year ago today that I had decided to subject the world to my rambling thoughts and sarcasm, and I think, we're all a little better for it... (or I am, according to my therapist).

It all started with THIS little confession about zombies, and has since traveled on to SENSATIONAL SELL-EBRITIES, encounters with GHOSTHUNTERS, autographs from a DIRECTOR and a walker-slaying BRIT, zombified DWIGHT SCHRUTE, CONAN O'BRIEN, and FRIENDS stars, and even a frustration-fueled rant on one of my PET PEEVES.

During this time I've gathered some wonderful followers. THANK YOU so much for coming here time and time again in hopes that I'll say something relevant and worthwhile, and I apologize for letting you down. Maybe one day I'll surprise you, but don't hold your breath. I'm not that deep.

Want some party favors? Check it out! I've got free wallpapers for your electronic web-surfing machines! I've created two NEW designs for your amusement! Feel free to download them and install them on your computer, but don't keep them all for yourself! Go ahead and install them on the computers of your family and friends. Can you imagine grandma's joyful expression when she turns on her computer and finds one of my designs staring back at her? Ah, the joy of giving.

So what does the future hold for this blog and B'hold Designs in general? Beats me. I'm not psychic. Although, I will say that I am inching ever closer to a line of phone and laptop skins! Hopefully within the next couple of months I'll be able to make a really cool announcement about that, and I'm currently working on an updated look to my website. OH!! And I have plans to launch a really cool line of zombie-related designs (posters/prints... maybe clothing) that will hopefully amuse as well as disgust.

And what, you might ask, would I like for this monumental event in blog history? Nothing really. I just ask that you shout the news of the B'hold Designs blog to all who will listen. And when they won't listen, just shout louder and louder until you hear sirens, then run away.

Now relax and enjoy yourself! I've got lots of drinks in the fridge and there's a jar of peanut butter around here somewhere! Crank up the tunes I've posted below, and go crazy!

Aim high. Run fast. Party on!


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