Friday, March 30, 2012

Life's a Circus!

Several years ago we took our kids to the circus. It was smelly, overpriced and crowded, but somehow we had a good time. I don't remember much about that day, other than my sons feeding animals and begging for a $5 bag of cotton candy, but one image has stood out in my mind to this day. The clowns.

These clowns weren't particularly funny, but one of them performed a stunt that made me laugh the rest of the day and well into the next. He (or she... who can tell with the baggy clothes, wigs and makeup) bent over, and "tooted" while white powder shot out of his behind. A simple gag, yet hilarious and, obviously, memorable.

Wouldn't that be great if we could really do that... eat a handful of confetti and turn ourselves into human party favors? Well, thanks to this new item from your pals at B'hold Designs, you can at least let everyone know you're trying!

I figure life's kind of like a circus anyway, right? And if that's the case, I'd rather fart confetti than be fired out of a canon.

Click HERE for the gear.

Aim high. Run fast. Grab the vacuum!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Up to My Eyeballs...

With the exception of my opinions of the AMC show "The Walking Dead"  and the occasional shirt promotion, I've been pretty bad about keeping this blog updated. Sorry about that. I'm looking forward to creating some new zombies, and free wallpaper to pass out, but for the moment I'm a little swamped.

Don't get me wrong. In this economy, too much work is a great problem to have, but between my day job, and my freelance work, I'm a little buried.

Having said that, I'd like to share a wonderful video I discovered some time back that is a hilariously accurate illustration of what it's like for a designer working with some clients... particularly committee based clients. Overall, I've been blessed with some great customers, but I have had a few clients like this.


Aim high. Run fast. We need it yesterday.


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Like to Chase Ghosts?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you run headlong into the unknown, when everyone else is running AWAY from it?

2. Are you known for walking thru abandoned buildings and houses with a tape recorder?

3. When alone at night, do you take that cold shiver down your spine as a GOOD thing?

4. Ever find yourself in a dark cemetery asking "is there anyone here that would like to speak with us?"

5. Ever wonder WHY you do these things?

Because you're a Paranormal Junkie

Now that you've admitted it to yourself, tell the whole world with this shirt from B'hold Designs! Click THIS LINK and discover that we have sizes and styles for not only men and women, but also for your little junior investigators-in-training (pants).

So, raise your EMF meter high proud Paranormal Junkie, with the emblem of your passion emblazoned across your chest, and let everyone know that when someone fearfully cries out "what was that??", you're responding with "let's go find out!"

Aim high. Run fast.


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Monday, March 19, 2012

IT'S A BARN BURNER!!! (spoilers)

Say good night, John Boy!

Last night, Herschel's farm was abandoned as the survivors were completely overrun by a SEA of undead that had wandered their way in from the city!!

Before Rick can even get back in the house from killing his best-friend-turned-psycho Shane, the undead emerged from the woods as if to say "THERE you guys are!" Low on ammo and resources, and probably a little sleepy, the group was surprised, but quickly kicked into their walker disposing selves and began kicking butt!

Rick and Carl led a large group of walkers into the barn and promptly set it on fire! A risky move that paid off and basically took out 20 or so in that one shot. Jimmy pulled up in Dale's RV in time to rescue Rick and Carl, but wound up getting ripped to shreds by the horde.

And did you notice Herschel?? That guy was rooted in one spot blasting away with an intensity that I've never seen in him before. This guy went from believing the undead could be cured and wanting to keep them in his barn until such a fix could be found, to standing his ground ("This is my farm. I'll die here.") and steadily putting walker after walker after walker back into the grave. And for that, he gets the B'hold Designs MVP for the night.

During the chaos, everyone got split apart... Andrea by herself on foot; Herschel, Rick, and Carl; T-Dogg, Lori and Maggie's little sister (name escapes me); Glenn and Maggie; and Darryl and Carol (who I'm hoping will eventually hook up).

Somehow everyone thought to go back to the highway where it all started when little Sophia ran off into the woods, never to be seen again.

Rick owned up to killing Shane to his loving and supporting wife who told him she understood why he did it and loved him anyway... NOT! She completely pulled away from him as if he had done something that she WASN'T hoping he would do. And now the rest of the group is acting a little afraid of Rick... even Carol was bad-mouthing him to Darryl, who was the only one to stand up for him saying "Rick's always done right by me."

And where was Andrea? On foot...running ALL night from a group of walkers that wouldn't give up. In true Shane-like spirit, she used trees, rocks and her knife to continue kicking walker butt, until the last one looked to be her downfall. Oh, if only some mysterious character from the comics could step up and save her!

TA-DA! The long awaited appearance of MICHONNE...And a million girlish squeals rang out as comic fanboys around the nation high-fived each other and cheered in unison. Now, I have never read the Walking Dead comic series, but from my investigations online have discovered this Michonne character to be a butt-kicking favorite among super fans. You might be asking "what's the story with the walkers she keeps on a leash?" I have no idea. But I'm really hoping it's not some kind of supernatural element they're trying to introduce. I love this show for it's realistic portrayal of life in a zombie apocalypse, so I'm not sure what to think of Michonne yet. Most likely I'll think she's awesome, but I'm reserving my official opinion until next season.

And by the way! We FINALLY got the answer to the question we've been wondering about since the finale of season one! What did Jenner say to Rick at the CDC??? So now, we know that everyone is infected. Apparently it won't matter if you're bitten or not. You could live to a ripe old age, die of natural causes and you're STILL going to come back with a taste for gray matter. The survivors were pissed at Rick about holding this back, too. But really, I can understand it. He didn't know that Jenner was right and didn't want to panic everyone needlessly. 

So as we sit back and wait for season three, we have to worry about Rick's relationship with the rest of the group (including his wife and son)... Andrea's survival... how Michonne fits into the world of the undead... and the prison complex just beyond the trees where I understand the group will hunker down for a while.

Only 7 months or so until the Season Three premiere, so use the potty and run to the convenience store to stock up on snacks....and it wouldn't hurt to hit the showers either.

Here's a look at the final episode and the actors take on their characters and what lies ahead...

Aim high. Run fast. You may breathe now.


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Friday, March 16, 2012

Talking Dead...

If you're a fan of "The Walking Dead" you're probably aware of an awesome program that comes on a couple hours after each new episode called "Talking Dead" where host Chris Hardwick gets to chat with various stars... some involved with "The Walking Dead," and some that are just fans of the show.

Here's a clip with him talking about this last episode with Zachary Levi, of NBC's "Chuck", and "The Walking Dead's" own Lauren Cohan (Maggie)!

Check it out:

Aim high. Run fast.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Imagine the Tailgate Parties!

Are you, or someone you know, headed off to college this fall? Maybe you don't have the grades or the green for a whoop-ti-doo ivy league education, or maybe you just haven't found the academic institution that speaks to YOU.

Well, look no further than ZOMBIE TECH UNIVERSITY!!

At ZTU, our curriculum is designed specifically to prepare you for life. Classes like "Ammo 101", "Water Purification", and "Mega-Molotovs" give you the skills you need to survive when the zombies come.

Not really the survivor type? 

That's ok! We also prepare you for life as an undead with popular topics like "Gray Matter Nutrition", "Duct Tape First Aid", and "My Foot Fell Off - Now What?".

Plus, ZTU has an amazing athletic program that will thrill and excite, AND, as the title of this blog suggests....the tailgate parties are "to die for."

So, schedule a visit to ZTU today and tour the campus (machete and helmet provided), or order THE GEAR and let the world see how our colors don't run....but YOU probably should.

Aim high. Run Fast. Go Flesh-Eaters!!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spoiler Etiquette...

Have you ever been tempted to talk about the latest episode of your favorite show with someone who has yet to watch it? Ever wonder exactly how much you can say withOUT ruining it for your friend? Well, the geniuses at have come up with a terrific 'public service announcement' style video giving you everything you need to know featuring various television stars!

Bonus... one of the stars is Sarah Wayne Callies, aka LORI GRIMES of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Check it out!

Aim high. Run fast.


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A Deeper Look...

Still reeling from last week's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead"? You're not alone. It was a powerhouse to say the least, and it looks like the finale might be an event that goes down in television history.

One of the things I like about AMC is they frequently talk to the actors involved in the program and ask them to give insights into their characters and how they fit within the story and relate to each other.

Check out the video below for just such a discussion:

Aim high. Run fast.


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Monday, March 12, 2012

End of the Line for Shane

Could you kill your best friend? Think of the one person that was closest to you growing up. Can you ever see a time where you and that person would square off in a field at night, in a tense confrontation that could only end with the death of one of you? Last night we saw exactly that.

(spoilers ahead)

In last night's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead", it looked to me that maybe Shane and Rick might be able to find their way back to the friendship that I know they both missed. I was wrong.

I won't recap the entire show, but Shane got pretty twitchy as he sat there and just stared at Randall in silence. He seemed to be battling some serious demons... or insanity.. or maybe infection? What would drive him to lead Randall out into the woods in an elaborate ruse to kill Rick? Jealousy? Shane was the leader of the survivors with an instant family he genuinely cared for until Rick showed up alive and took it all away.

I'll miss Shane. Not psycho Shane, the OLD Shane. I'll miss his and Rick's friendship. I think had he kept it together, the group would have been nearly invincible. But it is what it is... Shane's gone now, and from the looks of it, just when they need him the most!

Some might think that it's dumb to kill off major characters, but, personally, I think it's brilliant. Think back to every other show. No matter the level of danger, you KNOW they will be ok because they're the "stars" of the show. "The Walking Dead" has removed that confidence. Now we don't know if ANYone will survive. It's real... it's frightening... and it's fan-bloody-tastic.

Now...a BIG question that, I'm sure, is on everyone's mind: "Why did Randall and Shane turn?" Neither was bitten... neither was scratched. Is the virus airborne? Or are we just at the point where the dead rise, whether they're bitten or not?

Next week is the big season finale, and it's sure to not answer any of of those questions...BUT it does look to be a massive throwdown/shootout of epic proportions! Will we lose more survivors?

Here's a recap of last night's epiode:

Aim high. Run fast. For crying out loud, watch this show!!!


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Product Spotlight!

Originally posted April 26, 2011...

Ever ask yourself how you might hide from the undead, should you find yourself living thru a zombie apocalypse? You could only cower behind a car for so long. Locking yourself in your basement would be great, but only until your stash of Slim Jim's ran out.

Walking down the street is out of the question, thanks to the army of animated corpses that would instantly sashay their way toward you with the sole intent of cracking open your noggin like a watermelon and feasting on the gooey gray matter within.

If only there were a way you could walk confidently to the abandoned convenience store on the corner for that precious bag of stale potato chips you've been craving, withOUT having to worry about the decaying version of your Uncle Lester chasing after you. WELL NOW THERE IS!!

Presenting the latest in Anti-Zombie Technology from B'hold Designs!!

Better than traditional camouflage that can only keep you from being seen, this new ULTIMATE camouflage will protect you whether you're seen or not! The patented "Do Not Eat!" command on the front allows the wearer to walk freely and safely thru the chaos that is undead armageddon, providing a more pleasant and manageable transition into the post-apocalyptic lifestyle!

Many people have recognized the life-saving power of our Ultimate Camouflage resulting in sales around the world, including some very familiar faces, so don't get left behind and let your brain be the main course at the next zombie jamboree!! Stop by THE SHOP today and pick up YOUR Ultimate Camouflage from your pals at B'hold Designs....your tasty brains will thank you.

Aim high. Run fast.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust! (spoilers)

The unity of our little collection of survivors on AMC's "The Walking Dead" has been splintered lately with differing opinions on just about everything from leadership, to safety, to most recently, the fate of Randall.

Enter Dale.. the (seemingly) lone voice for reason and humanity. He tried his best to sway the group away from the idea of killing Randall, but ultimately lost out to majority rule.

During this time, sweet little good boy Carl has been acting like kind of a punk. Of course he's hurting just as much as anyone else from the loss of his friend (and possibly the only other child left in the world), Sophia. It's become a harsh, cold world, and he seems to be adapting to the bleakness of it all... he seems to be giving up. It's a lot for anyone to handle, and being a child, he's clueless about processing it all... unfortunately, Carol was on the receiving end of his B.S. and it hurt her deeply.

After a FAR too easy talking to from Rick, Carl ventured out to be alone (after swiping a pistol from Darryl's saddlebags)... and finds himself face to face with a walker stuck in the bog. Let me just say that this zombie was particular creepy.. well done, FX crew!

Unfortunately, Carl decided to play a game of "how close can I get" before making an attempt to kill it. He waits too long and the walker frees himself, nearly biting Carl, who took off like a rocket back to camp.

Later in the day, it looks like the end for Randall who is begging for his life. Rick, having made the call for his death is planning to be the trigger man while his "lieutenants" Darryl and Shane stand guard. Carl enters and tells his dad to "Go ahead. Do it." Seeing the effect this post-apocalyptic world is having on his son, Rick decides to let Randall live.. in custody, which of course pisses Shane off.

The group is told the news and Andrea runs to tell Dale who will, no doubt, be very happy. But he has wandered off... at night... alone. It's then he hears the moan of a nearly dead cow... slaughtered by the undead. He turns to head back to camp and finds himself face to face with the walker with whom Carl was playing chicken earlier in the day.

It pounces, and poor Dale is pinned to the ground while the zombie chomps and bites at the air in an attempt to reach his face. Dale's only weapon, unfortunately, is a rifle slung over his shoulder. Dale's midsection is torn open savagely signaling his final moments.

Darryl enters and kills the walker as the others arrive on scene. Hershel's there, but it's too late. His wounds are far too great. He'll soon be dead...and then undead.

Rick aims his pistol, but in a surprising move, Darryl steps in and fires the single shot that ends Dale's suffering with the final words "sorry brother" — BANG!

Carl recognizes the zombie and is overcome by a horrific deluge of guilt and throws himself into his mother's arms.

And so another major character is gone as we quickly approach the end of the season. Will there be others? Will Shane try again to overthrow Rick? Will Andrea take on the role of peacemaker in Dale's place? Will we EVER find out what the doctor whispered in Rick's ear at the end of the first season??

Only one way to find out...

Aim high. Run fast. Tune in.


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Making of an Epic ThrowDown!

Ever wonder what goes into creating a fist fight for television? Me either. As it turns out, it's a pretty complicated process! Apparently, it took four days to shoot the much-anticipated fight between Rick and Shane.

Check it out...

Aim high. Run fast. Sweep the leg.


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Bicycle Girl

I know this is an old video, but it's an amazing look at the awesome complexities that go into creating just ONE featured zombie on the hit AMC show, "The Walking Dead."

I give you, the one and only "Bicycle Girl."

And by the way, if you're interested in how Bicycle Girl got that mangled, AMC has a cool little webisode series explaining it all. Check out webisode one HERE.

One more thing.... if you STILL haven't checked out this television series for yourself, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

Aim high. Run fast. Tune in.


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