Monday, March 19, 2012

IT'S A BARN BURNER!!! (spoilers)

Say good night, John Boy!

Last night, Herschel's farm was abandoned as the survivors were completely overrun by a SEA of undead that had wandered their way in from the city!!

Before Rick can even get back in the house from killing his best-friend-turned-psycho Shane, the undead emerged from the woods as if to say "THERE you guys are!" Low on ammo and resources, and probably a little sleepy, the group was surprised, but quickly kicked into their walker disposing selves and began kicking butt!

Rick and Carl led a large group of walkers into the barn and promptly set it on fire! A risky move that paid off and basically took out 20 or so in that one shot. Jimmy pulled up in Dale's RV in time to rescue Rick and Carl, but wound up getting ripped to shreds by the horde.

And did you notice Herschel?? That guy was rooted in one spot blasting away with an intensity that I've never seen in him before. This guy went from believing the undead could be cured and wanting to keep them in his barn until such a fix could be found, to standing his ground ("This is my farm. I'll die here.") and steadily putting walker after walker after walker back into the grave. And for that, he gets the B'hold Designs MVP for the night.

During the chaos, everyone got split apart... Andrea by herself on foot; Herschel, Rick, and Carl; T-Dogg, Lori and Maggie's little sister (name escapes me); Glenn and Maggie; and Darryl and Carol (who I'm hoping will eventually hook up).

Somehow everyone thought to go back to the highway where it all started when little Sophia ran off into the woods, never to be seen again.

Rick owned up to killing Shane to his loving and supporting wife who told him she understood why he did it and loved him anyway... NOT! She completely pulled away from him as if he had done something that she WASN'T hoping he would do. And now the rest of the group is acting a little afraid of Rick... even Carol was bad-mouthing him to Darryl, who was the only one to stand up for him saying "Rick's always done right by me."

And where was Andrea? On foot...running ALL night from a group of walkers that wouldn't give up. In true Shane-like spirit, she used trees, rocks and her knife to continue kicking walker butt, until the last one looked to be her downfall. Oh, if only some mysterious character from the comics could step up and save her!

TA-DA! The long awaited appearance of MICHONNE...And a million girlish squeals rang out as comic fanboys around the nation high-fived each other and cheered in unison. Now, I have never read the Walking Dead comic series, but from my investigations online have discovered this Michonne character to be a butt-kicking favorite among super fans. You might be asking "what's the story with the walkers she keeps on a leash?" I have no idea. But I'm really hoping it's not some kind of supernatural element they're trying to introduce. I love this show for it's realistic portrayal of life in a zombie apocalypse, so I'm not sure what to think of Michonne yet. Most likely I'll think she's awesome, but I'm reserving my official opinion until next season.

And by the way! We FINALLY got the answer to the question we've been wondering about since the finale of season one! What did Jenner say to Rick at the CDC??? So now, we know that everyone is infected. Apparently it won't matter if you're bitten or not. You could live to a ripe old age, die of natural causes and you're STILL going to come back with a taste for gray matter. The survivors were pissed at Rick about holding this back, too. But really, I can understand it. He didn't know that Jenner was right and didn't want to panic everyone needlessly. 

So as we sit back and wait for season three, we have to worry about Rick's relationship with the rest of the group (including his wife and son)... Andrea's survival... how Michonne fits into the world of the undead... and the prison complex just beyond the trees where I understand the group will hunker down for a while.

Only 7 months or so until the Season Three premiere, so use the potty and run to the convenience store to stock up on snacks....and it wouldn't hurt to hit the showers either.

Here's a look at the final episode and the actors take on their characters and what lies ahead...

Aim high. Run fast. You may breathe now.


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  1. Dude!! I don't even know where to begin with this episode!!

    Herschel was beyond badass when he said "this is my farm, I'll die here" and cocked the gun. I was like YEAH!!

    How the heck was Andrea able to run all night long without collapsing? I know, i know it's a show...
    I agree with you on this comic book chick. I really hope they're not throwing this in to appease the comic book fans. The show is working.

    Lori. I am beyond miffed at her. First she turns on the charm in the tent and does a jedi mind trick on Rick, telling him that Shane is dangerous and thinks the baby is his. Basically telling Rick that he needed to get rid of Shane. Then when Rick's life is in danger and he defends himself, she abandons him. That woman is beyond selfish. It was okay when it was going to benefit her though.

    I can't get over them all being infected!! And now because Rick didn't tell everyone about it, they want to leave him. After everything he's done for them. At least Herschel and Daryl are still loyal.

    We're running out of survivors! Hopefully we'll meet more soon. Wonder what's in that prison.

    1. Trina, I agree with you on every point! lol... I LOVED Herschel in this episode. I don't know if you watch Talking Dead that comes on later, but Sunday night the writers who were on said that they had originally written Herschel out of the show before this point and then changed their minds. Glad they did. He kicked serious ass!

      Yeah, the appearance of Mochinne seemed a little out of place to me... as if she had mistakenly wandered onto the Walking Dead film set from the nearby Resident Evil soundstage. We'll see what happens. Hopefully the show will remain true to the reality it has created.

      Lori is a butt... plain and simple. I was also ticked with her at her reaction. I screamed at the t.v. "WHAT?!?".. This whole Rick the dictator (or "Ricktator" as they called it on Talking Dead) is their own fault. They have successfully forced the last bit of diplomacy out of him. I loved Darryl's line... "Rick's always done right by me."

      It's going to be a loooong summer waiting for Season Three!

  2. I've actually only caught a couple Talking Dead episodes. I wanted to catch the one after the finale, but forgot to record it! I could probably find it online somewhere.

    I am so glad they didn't get rid of Herschel! I really didn't like him at all at first, but he changed.

    Ricktator. I don't know if I love that or hate it! LOL!!

    1. I love Talking Dead. Once they had the FX guy on and because the host had just had a birthday, he gave him the ear necklace (or one just like it). It was cool...

      Here's the season finale Talking Dead you're looking for...

      yeah..I'm on the fence about Ricktator too. lol

  3. Thanks! That host is hilarious!!