Monday, March 12, 2012

End of the Line for Shane

Could you kill your best friend? Think of the one person that was closest to you growing up. Can you ever see a time where you and that person would square off in a field at night, in a tense confrontation that could only end with the death of one of you? Last night we saw exactly that.

(spoilers ahead)

In last night's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead", it looked to me that maybe Shane and Rick might be able to find their way back to the friendship that I know they both missed. I was wrong.

I won't recap the entire show, but Shane got pretty twitchy as he sat there and just stared at Randall in silence. He seemed to be battling some serious demons... or insanity.. or maybe infection? What would drive him to lead Randall out into the woods in an elaborate ruse to kill Rick? Jealousy? Shane was the leader of the survivors with an instant family he genuinely cared for until Rick showed up alive and took it all away.

I'll miss Shane. Not psycho Shane, the OLD Shane. I'll miss his and Rick's friendship. I think had he kept it together, the group would have been nearly invincible. But it is what it is... Shane's gone now, and from the looks of it, just when they need him the most!

Some might think that it's dumb to kill off major characters, but, personally, I think it's brilliant. Think back to every other show. No matter the level of danger, you KNOW they will be ok because they're the "stars" of the show. "The Walking Dead" has removed that confidence. Now we don't know if ANYone will survive. It's real... it's frightening... and it's fan-bloody-tastic.

Now...a BIG question that, I'm sure, is on everyone's mind: "Why did Randall and Shane turn?" Neither was bitten... neither was scratched. Is the virus airborne? Or are we just at the point where the dead rise, whether they're bitten or not?

Next week is the big season finale, and it's sure to not answer any of of those questions...BUT it does look to be a massive throwdown/shootout of epic proportions! Will we lose more survivors?

Here's a recap of last night's epiode:

Aim high. Run fast. For crying out loud, watch this show!!!


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  1. It's possible that Randall and Shane got infected at the place they were originally going to leave Randall, we just don't know how. I wonder now if they aren't all infected at this point. When they kill walkers, blood splatters and gets all over them. It's not a stretch that they ended up infected.

    I wonder if the creators are going to get into the whole thing where there's a widespread virus, there's a certain percentage (10?) of the population that's naturally immune.

    This is good. Can't wait for the finale. Although, that means another break...

    1. That's an excellent point, Trina. I noticed that (when trapped on the school bus) Shane used the same knife to cut open his hand that he used to kill walkers.

      The natural immunity idea is interesting. That would explain why people don't get infected when hit by the splatter of infected blood, as you pointed out.

      And yes, another LONG break with, I'm sure, some kind of major cliff hanger to drive us all crazy!

  2. OH that's right!! The knife that Shane used!! I forgot about how much they keep reusing things with only a wipe on the pants in between. I was actually just thinking about getting splattered on when they kill a walker. Didn't even think about the knives! Great idea!
    I can't get over how great of a show this is! Love it! I love it not only for the zombies but for how good of a portrayal of an apocalyptic world would be like.

    1. I completely agree about this show. For SO long I've been looking for a zombie film (never expected a tv show) that would be a realistic look at the life of AVERAGE survivors in a zombie apocalypse. People that are real... not super soldiers... many not having any experience with weapons, or even camping!

      I'm tired of ZA stories built on convenience (trapped in a mall/military installation fully stocked with food and high powered weapons with bottomless clips), and even though I thought it was a little convenient that Rick's police station was still completely stocked with weapons and ammo, I'm in.. this show is exactly what I've always wanted!!