Monday, March 5, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust! (spoilers)

The unity of our little collection of survivors on AMC's "The Walking Dead" has been splintered lately with differing opinions on just about everything from leadership, to safety, to most recently, the fate of Randall.

Enter Dale.. the (seemingly) lone voice for reason and humanity. He tried his best to sway the group away from the idea of killing Randall, but ultimately lost out to majority rule.

During this time, sweet little good boy Carl has been acting like kind of a punk. Of course he's hurting just as much as anyone else from the loss of his friend (and possibly the only other child left in the world), Sophia. It's become a harsh, cold world, and he seems to be adapting to the bleakness of it all... he seems to be giving up. It's a lot for anyone to handle, and being a child, he's clueless about processing it all... unfortunately, Carol was on the receiving end of his B.S. and it hurt her deeply.

After a FAR too easy talking to from Rick, Carl ventured out to be alone (after swiping a pistol from Darryl's saddlebags)... and finds himself face to face with a walker stuck in the bog. Let me just say that this zombie was particular creepy.. well done, FX crew!

Unfortunately, Carl decided to play a game of "how close can I get" before making an attempt to kill it. He waits too long and the walker frees himself, nearly biting Carl, who took off like a rocket back to camp.

Later in the day, it looks like the end for Randall who is begging for his life. Rick, having made the call for his death is planning to be the trigger man while his "lieutenants" Darryl and Shane stand guard. Carl enters and tells his dad to "Go ahead. Do it." Seeing the effect this post-apocalyptic world is having on his son, Rick decides to let Randall live.. in custody, which of course pisses Shane off.

The group is told the news and Andrea runs to tell Dale who will, no doubt, be very happy. But he has wandered off... at night... alone. It's then he hears the moan of a nearly dead cow... slaughtered by the undead. He turns to head back to camp and finds himself face to face with the walker with whom Carl was playing chicken earlier in the day.

It pounces, and poor Dale is pinned to the ground while the zombie chomps and bites at the air in an attempt to reach his face. Dale's only weapon, unfortunately, is a rifle slung over his shoulder. Dale's midsection is torn open savagely signaling his final moments.

Darryl enters and kills the walker as the others arrive on scene. Hershel's there, but it's too late. His wounds are far too great. He'll soon be dead...and then undead.

Rick aims his pistol, but in a surprising move, Darryl steps in and fires the single shot that ends Dale's suffering with the final words "sorry brother" — BANG!

Carl recognizes the zombie and is overcome by a horrific deluge of guilt and throws himself into his mother's arms.

And so another major character is gone as we quickly approach the end of the season. Will there be others? Will Shane try again to overthrow Rick? Will Andrea take on the role of peacemaker in Dale's place? Will we EVER find out what the doctor whispered in Rick's ear at the end of the first season??

Only one way to find out...

Aim high. Run fast. Tune in.


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