Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bears. Beets. Brains.

Wow... I've really been gone from this blog a while! Sorry about that. I'm totally blaming it on the craziness of the holidays, last minute shopping, and tag-team illnesses in my house.

But, now that I'm healed, and Christmas is over, it's back to work in the labs of B'hold Designs!

Now, those of you that watch The Office on NBC, know that if ANYone could survive the zombie apocalypse, it's Dwight. But, I thought it might be kind of fun to turn him into a moaning undead anyway...just for kicks.

It looks as if the clean-up crew has long since fled, considering the state the office is in. And would you look at that! It's seems the destruction of mankind and the rise of the dead haven't stopped Dwight's mortal enemy, Jim, from playing pranks! Poor looks like it's back to shuffling thru the streets if he wants something to snack on!

And for more Office fun, check out Zombie Jim & Pam, and my own thoughts on how long each cast-member would last in an actual zombie outbreak!

Aim high. Run fast. That's what she said.


P.S. Didn't get what you wanted from Santa this year, or forget someone on YOUR list? Come check out the B'hold Designs STORE! We might just have that special zombie gear you need to survive the apocalypse in style.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

All of us deep within the tombs of B'HQ wish you and yours a zombie-free merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!

Aim high. Run fast. Open gifts.


Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Years Ago Today...

December 23, 2009, my father passed away. It was one of those things you knew was getting closer and closer, and yet it still caught everyone off guard. He was 81.

He called me the night of Dec. 21, to tell me he had passed out and they were taking him to a local hospital. He asked if I'd drive my mother to the hospital to see him, and a couple of hours later, mom and I were by his side in the emergency room.

He seemed fine. He teased me about my ugliness chasing the cute nurses out of the room, and made my mother smile with his humor which led to something I don't ever remember seeing... a short, tender kiss between them. The next day was my sisters birthday, so then and there he called her on the phone to assure her he was fine, and give his best wishes for her special day.

He told us he felt well enough to go home, and was so sure he was on the mend, that he "ordered" us home because he felt there was no need for us to "waste our time" standing around. We turned and walked out of the room, and I looked back to see my smiling father waving goodbye.

A few hours later, we were called back to the hospital. He had passed out again, and this time it took 15 minutes of CPR to bring him back.

This time when we walked into the hospital it was a completely different experience. There was dad in the ICU with tubes and wires hooked to him...unconscious. The staff didn't hold out much hope.

During that time I did something that was long overdue. I whispered in his ear how much I loved him, told him how sorry I was for disappointing him so many times in my life, and thanked him for having the courage to adopt me.

Over the next several hours he "coded" two more times before enough was enough and he was gone.

So, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the anchor of our family was gone forever. The man I'd looked up to for over 40 years suddenly wasn't there to give an encouraging word or tell me everything would be ok.

My mother has done pretty well considering everything that she had to go thru in the aftermath of his death. She's a strong woman. My sister is as well, and is able to stand strong knowing that dad would want her to.

I'm not as strong of a person and still struggle with his absence, but I am confident in the fact that I will see him again one day, and that keeps me going.

He was a husband, a father, a friend, a soldier, and a prankster and I will love and miss him forever.

It's crazy how a wonderful holiday like Christmas can bring such sadness, and it's tripled with the loss of someone dear. So my prayers go out to all of you who might be going thru something similar with a loved one.

Time marches on, and sometimes that really sucks, but we must continue to move live... and by doing so, we honor the memory of the lost.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Some time back, I started a little series called "Sensational Sell-ebrities." If you're unfamiliar, it involves me voicing my all time dream list of celebrity endorsements, and includes a photoshopped image of said celebrity wearing one of my shirts.

The first one of these I posted (see it HERE) involved my celebrity crush, Ms. Jennifer Aniston and featured her in the photo you see to your left.

NOW it seems that she has been named "Hottest Woman of All Time." Wow! What a title!

If she had been named "Hottest of the Last Six Months" or even "Nicest Hair in Beverly Hills" I wouldn't have given it much thought. But this title can only mean one thing.... the Hottest Woman of All Time committee MUST have been trolling the internet and found my photoshopped rendering of Jen wearing one of my designs, right? I mean, this blog is viewed a trillion times a day by humans, animals AND aliens, so it's highly possible that my image nudged her just enough to put her over the top. That's believable, isn't it? I hope so, because that's what I'm scrawling in my feelings journal tonight.

I have never met the lovely Ms. Aniston, so if any of you humans, animals or aliens out there see her at Starbucks, please pass along my most heartfelt congratulations and tell her I have a new shirt designed especially for her (pictured).

Aim high. Run fast. Dear Diary...


Monday, December 12, 2011

Undead Gifts for the Holidays!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but it's nearly Christmas, and, while your pals here at B'hold Designs have lots of fun stuff in OUR SHOP you can buy for that special weirdo in your life, the net is FULL of awesome zombie related stuff!

Check these out:


I remember playing with G.I. Joe's as a kid. I loved breaking their arms and coloring their faces with "blood" as if they'd been horribly injured... not in war, but in a battle with either alien creatures, or a giant rubber spider I kept in my room (I need a therapist). I would have LOVED to have this little number to keep ol' joe on his toes. Available for roughly $17 at THIS LINK.

...and CLICK HERE to see even more Walking Dead gear!!


Remember Romero's Day of the Dead? Remember Bub, the "pet zombie" that the scientists thought provided hope that the zombies could be trained? Now you can have a Bub of your own! Take this little guy home and spend hours just pulling him apart and putting him back together. Available for about $10 at THIS LINK.


Not a people person? It's ok. You can hate humanity and still have fun with zombies thanks to this assortment of every pet you ever wanted as a kid! Five pieces, all delightfully undead and available for about $12 at THIS LINK.


Don't ask me what kind of meat this is. Just imagine the fun in the breakroom as you pull out this bag of snacks. Available in "Apocalypse Size" and for about $5 at THIS LINK.

Those are just a FEW of the items I found nosing around for last minute gifts for my twisted children. Have you found anything creepy or disgusting? Don't bogart the fun! Leave a comment and let us know where we can share in the fantastic grossness!

Aim high. Run fast.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


Remember sometime back when I submitted a zombified picture of Conan O'Brien to the TBS website?? Well I got word tonight that it was accepted!! Hurray!! You can see it (and lots of other artwork that's really cool) at THIS LINK.

You'll notice that it allows people to "like" the image, or comment with their facebook accts. I would like to greatly encourage everyone to hurl accolades and virtual thumbs up. Of course you don't HAVE too, but I'd appreciate it and, hey... Santa's might actually get you some brownie points. ALSO.... those that are liked the most are featured on the home page of the art gallery! Cool, right?

Aim high. Run fast. Check it out!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Epic Zombie Throwdown

We all have our own opinions when it comes to zombies... this movie's better than that movie... slow moving zombies are better than runners...etc... but, to my knowledge, no one has set up a match-up to decide the best of all time quite like this.

The good folks at AMC's The Walking Dead have set up a bracket style head-to-head with the most notorious undead of all time!

You don't need a membership or username or anything to vote, so CLICK HERE and check it out! And, might I remind you.... if you have yet to watch The Walking Dead, there is a break on new episodes right now until mid-February, so get caught up!! Season One is available on netflix, and Season Two episodes are available on itunes.

And don't forget!! If you're still looking for a Christmas gift for that special weirdo in your life, come by THE SHOP. It's possible we have just the thing to make them happy and nauseate grandma at the same time!

Aim high. Run fast.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Come Hunker In Our Bunker!

Miles beneath the earth's crust, the headquarters of B'hold Designs is keeping watch over all parts of the globe for signs of a zombie uprising. The number of outbreaks that have been contained thanks to these tireless guardians is classified, but suffice to say it's a lot. It's a big world out there, crawling with a lot of funky diseases and man-made toxins. So far.... humans can sleep easy.

However! Should the day ever arise that the undead take over, there is a "zombie bunker" deep within the heart of B'HQ... a mighty stronghold the likes of which have never been seen before!

Now, for the first time, B'hold Designs is offering merchandise bearing the likeness of the bunker's marker, and possessing it will ensure your spot within the bunker itself when the end comes! Simply show up at the gates of B'hold Designs with said merchandise, and be whisked away to safety behind concrete and steel hundreds of feet thick.

Why spend panicked-filled hours on a crowded freeway surrounded by undead strangers and skin-stinging napalm? Come "hunker in our bunker" and enjoy the apocalypse!

CLICK HERE for the gear!!

Aim high. Run fast.