Thursday, December 8, 2011


Remember sometime back when I submitted a zombified picture of Conan O'Brien to the TBS website?? Well I got word tonight that it was accepted!! Hurray!! You can see it (and lots of other artwork that's really cool) at THIS LINK.

You'll notice that it allows people to "like" the image, or comment with their facebook accts. I would like to greatly encourage everyone to hurl accolades and virtual thumbs up. Of course you don't HAVE too, but I'd appreciate it and, hey... Santa's might actually get you some brownie points. ALSO.... those that are liked the most are featured on the home page of the art gallery! Cool, right?

Aim high. Run fast. Check it out!



  1. "liked" it and congrats!

    also-hope you and your family enjoy the holidays!

  2. Hey! Thanks very much Trina, and I hope you and yours have a fantastic Christmas and New Year as well! :)