Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

What's that noise? And why did the power go out while I was taking a shower? It must be because it's every psychopaths favorite day....Friday the 13th!

Every since the first Friday the 13th film came out waaaaay back in 1980, we've been afraid to go camping, hiking, or anything that takes place in the deep woods. Sure, some people still go, but I'm sure that when it's dark, and the camp fire is dying out, they think of Jason the same way those who go into the ocean think of Jaws.

Interesting bit of trivia here...did you know Kevin Bacon was in the very first Friday the 13th? It's true! And to answer your question, no, he did not survive. Not only that, his death was particularly creepy! Don't believe me? Check out the clip below (warning! it's not for the squeamish):

Maybe Jason was trying to show Kevin the dangers of smoking in bed. I'm sure his entire killing spree was just a misunderstanding (speaking of, check out the hilarious movie Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.... talk about your misunderstandings!)

So go out and grab some classic Friday films for the night. There's a great Friday the 13th remake that somehow made Jason even scarier that came out a couple of years back (that's it's film poster at the top of this post). It's even got the gratuitous drug references and nude scenes that made 80's horror films great!

Aim high. Run fast. Watch for machetes.


BY THE WAY....You know what they call the tough-as-nails ladies that survive these films, don't you? They're "Scream Queens." And now, YOU can be one too! Just check out the gear HERE!


  1. Happy Friday the 13th! And Happy One Year to the B'Log! :-)