Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Sensational Sell-ebrities" ..... pt. 2

Welcome to the second installment of my Sensational Sell-ebrities Series, dedicated to those who have no idea I exist, but whose star power would reeeeeeeally help me sell some stuff. Last time, I introduced the series with the lovely and talented Ms. Jennifer Aniston.

Today, I'd like to feature someone whose fans are a little closer to my demographic...The man himself...

Mr. George Romero!

Why Mr. Romero?

1. Are you kidding me? Do you seriously have to ask?? He's only the godfather of the undead! The man lives and breathes horror! Just imagine if he wore one of my zombie designs emblazoned on his chest, as he strode thru the throngs of fanboys (and girls) lining up to see him at the next big zombie jamboree! That walk from his trailer to his autograph table ALONE would result in enough sales to keep me in bubble gum and candy for years!

2. I don't really need a second reason, right?

*try to imagine this last paragraph narrated by Robert Stack, ala "Unsolved Mysteries" style.

SO....if YOU know George Romero, or play racquetball with him at the Y, or have seen him hanging around your local Dunkin' Donuts....please run up to him and beg him to visit my website, where he can find his own Ultimate Camouflage to keep his brain safely dreaming up new zombie stories for years to come! 

Aim high. Run fast.


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