Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Imagine the tailgate parties!

Are you, or someone you know, headed off to college this fall? Maybe you don't have the grades or the green for a whoop-ti-doo ivy league education, or maybe you just haven't found the academic institution that speaks to YOU.

Well, look no further than ZOMBIE TECH UNIVERSITY!!

At ZTU, our curriculum is designed specifically to prepare you for life. Classes like "Ammo 101", "Water Purification", and "Mega-Molotovs" give you the skills you need to survive when the zombies come.

Not really the survivor type? 

That's ok! We also prepare you for life as an undead with popular topics like "Gray Matter Nutrition", "Duct Tape First Aid", and "My Foot Fell Off - Now What?".

Plus, ZTU has an amazing athletic program that will thrill and excite, AND, as the title of this blog suggests....the tailgate parties are "to die for."

So, schedule a visit to ZTU today and tour the campus (machete and helmet provided), or order THE GEAR and let the world see how our colors don't run....but YOU will if necessary.


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