Monday, May 2, 2011

Product Spotlight!

Do you run headlong into the unknown, when everyone else is running AWAY from it?

Are you known for walking thru abandoned buildings and houses with a tape recorder?

When alone at night, do you take that cold shiver down your spine as a GOOD thing?

Ever find yourself in a dark cemetery asking "is there anyone here that would like to speak with us?"

Ever wonder WHY you do these things?

Because you're a Paranormal Junkie

Now that you've admitted it, tell the world with this shirt from B'hold Designs! Come on by THE SHOP, where we have sizes and styles for not only men and women, but also for your little junior investigators-in-training (pants).

So, raise your EMF meter high, proud Paranormal Junkie, with the emblem of your passion emblazoned across your chest, and let everyone know that when someone fearfully cries out "what was that??", you're responding with "let's go find out!"

Aim high. Run fast.


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