Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Product Spotlight!

I am loving this "Zombie Renaissance" we are going thru right now. Finally, zombies have shuffled their way into mainstream popularity. They're being featured in commercials, drawing big name celebs for films....even the American Idol kids got to dress up as the undead during their time on television this season.

But while it's great to see all the new fans, we need to acknowledge the true and faithful fans that have ALWAYS loved zombies; the fans that stood tall amid the snickering and eye-rolling upon mentioning their favorite undead flick; the fans that already had their survival kits packed...their machete's sharpened and at the ready....those that were killing undead BEFORE it was popular.

Now you can declare to the world how YOUR steadfast faithfulness in the coolness of the undead transcends time itself! Come by the shop today and let the "newbies" know who they can turn to when the zombies DO come.

Aim high. Run fast. (pass it on)


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