Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Product Spotlight!

Ever ask yourself how you might hide from the undead, should you find yourself living thru a zombie apocalypse? You could only cower behind a car for so long. Locking yourself in your basement would be great, but only until your stash of Slim Jim's ran out.

Walking down the street is out of the question, thanks to the army of animated corpses that would instantly sashay their way toward you with the sole intent of cracking open your noggin like a watermelon and feasting on the gooey gray matter within.

If only there were a way you could walk confidently to the abandoned convenience store on the corner for that precious bag of stale potato chips you've been craving, withOUT having to worry about the decaying version of your Uncle Lester chasing after you. WELL NOW THERE IS!!

Presenting the latest in Anti-Zombie Technology from B'hold Designs!!

Better than traditional camouflage that can only keep you from being seen, this new ULTIMATE camouflage will protect you whether you're seen or not! The patented "Do Not Eat!" command on the front allows the wearer to walk freely and safely thru the chaos that is undead armageddon, providing a more pleasant and manageable transition into the post-apocalyptic lifestyle!

Many people have recognized the life-saving power of our Ultimate Camouflage resulting in sales around the world, including some very familiar faces, so don't get left behind and let your brain be the main course at the next zombie jamboree!! Stop by THE SHOP today and pick up YOUR Ultimate Camouflage from your pals at B'hold Designs....your tasty brains will thank you.

Aim high. Run fast.


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  1. I'm going to enjoy following you. LOVE the Tshirt!!