Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today Is THE DAY!

This is it, zombie fans! The day we've been waiting for since late March... the premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season Three!!!

On a personal note, this will be kind of a different season for me, as I am still on Dish Network. You remember Dish right? They dropped AMC and left us all high and dry.

So, why am I still with Dish? Prepare for a list of excuses... 1) We are under contract, and I don't want to pay a fee for leaving... 2) We have a lot of stuff on our DVR that I really don't want to lose, including hours of programs that have yet to be watched... 3) This is the first time I've had an issue with Dish. Their prices are reasonable and I'm still hoping that they'll be adding AMC back sometime during the season.

OK... having said that, how will I be watching the greatest show of all time? Well, for the premiere episode, AMC will be showing it online for free at the same time as it shows on tv. All they require is that you register ahead of time. Click HERE for the info.

As for the rest of the season, I'll be purchasing each episode on itunes when it becomes available the next day.

But enough about that!! Break out the pizza and shotguns! It's zombie time!!

Aim high. Run fast. Tune in.


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  1. Hey Brett how ya been? I haven't been by here it quite some time. Hope you are doing well.

    Can't wait for the new episode tonight!! Stinks that you don't get AMC anymore. At least you'll still be able to see the episodes, though paying extra for it stinks.

    We'll have to discuss tonight's episode!

    1. Hey there Trina! Good to hear from you! I was wondering about you guys. How you and your family area great! :)

      I guess I could have switched to direct or cable, but cable's higher, and I suspected direct would be too after the first few months. Plus I'd be breaking one contract to enter into another contract with them, and I figured with my luck THAT'S when Dish would bring back AMC. Oh well. I'll see them one way or another! :)

      Tonight should be EPIC!! I can't wait!!