Monday, October 29, 2012

Heads Will Roll!!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Welcome to Woodbury - where the tea flows freely, the curfew is strictly enforced, and you just might get your head severed and put in a fish tank (ala "Futurama")!

Question: If a military helicopter goes down in the woods, will anyone notice? In a zombie apocalypse, the answer is YES. Within minutes of crashing, Michonne and Andrea arrive on scene… followed by walkers… followed by the Governor and his men. As the ladies hide and watch, they are surprised by a blast from the past - Merle - who is now a "bionic-stump" accentuated henchman with, no doubt, a little pent-up aggression as to his ordeal on a rooftop in Atlanta.

Bound and blindfolded, Michonne and Andrea are brought to the seemingly safe haven known as Woodbury where they meet the Governor. He seems like a nice guy, right? He speaks softly, tells them they can leave whenever they want, gives them clothes and even makes them scrambled eggs. Of course there's the thing with him murdering innocent people and keeping floating heads in his man-cave, but we've all got quirks, right?

Michonne is not impressed and remains suspicious, while Andrea lives up to her usual "I'm so attracted to power that I let it reduce me to an air-headed junior high cheerleader twisting my hair as the star QB gives the valedictorian a wedgie" character and gets all warm in the nether regions for the handsome leader of the little community. Will she resort to her signature "gear shift" maneuver to get his attention like she did Shane? Only time will tell….

Check out this clip of the cast and crew talking about last night's episode "Walk With Me", and how it affects their characters. Enjoy:

Aim high. Run fast.


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