Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My ringtone is the "Halloween" theme, which is a lot of fun normally. Today it's annoying because I've had my tv parked on AMC ever since they came back to Dish, and they're playing Halloween movies almost non-stop, so I keep thinking my phone is going off.

I have good news! The B'hold Designs "Undead Disposal Ninja Posse" have surveyed the perimeter and designated our zombie threat level to be "low to barely moderate", which is not as good as "slim to none", but not bad either! So whether you are heading out tonight to score mountains of candy, OR, hiding in your bushes in hopes of giving small children emotional scars that will last a lifetime, you may do so without fear of zombie invasion! Huzzah!

If you DO happen to see a zombie, consider that it could be someone in costume and give them a simple test. Before clocking them in the noggin' with a shovel, hand them a box of raisins. If they complain that it's not candy and begin egging your house, you're safe.

Aim high. Run fast. Happy Halloween!


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