Monday, October 15, 2012

Return of "The Walking Dead"!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Rick and his band of survivors are back, and boy are they getting good at this zombie killing thing!

The shows producers and writers have been talking for months about how the action has been seriously pumped up this year and they weren't kidding! They hit the ground running with everyone on the run from the ever growing hordes of walkers that are right on their heels. Everyone seems to know their place and duty and they are a well-oiled machine!

Michonne made a brief appearance, but was onscreen long enough to show us all how skilled she is in head removal. Like a female Darryl, she wields her weapon with scary accuracy and a steel-eyed focus.

All thru the episode, Rick shows us how he's grown into the leadership role with a no-nonsense approach to everything. This includes his wife, who at the end of last season spit fire and attitude at him for killing Shane... something that had to be done.

Lori is near the end of her pregnancy and needing a clean, dry place to have the baby. Fortunately, the prison is discovered and the process of clearing it out begins.

Despite the small pockets of undead, securing the prison goes well until Herschel is bitten on the ankle! As we all know, a bite spells a quick, miserable death, but Rick had an idea - an idea so radical, I'm not sure last seasons Rick could have done it. In a matter of a few whacks, he lops off the bottom portion of Herschel's leg, in an attempt to save his life. Obviously, the pain is too great, and Herschel passes out. Only time will tell if Rick's idea will work.

As if that weren't enough to blow your mind, the episode ends with the discovery of more survivors... prisoners!

There it is... the new season is here and we have hit the ground SPRINTING!

Check out this video of the cast and crew talking about the making of "Episode 301: Seed."

Aim high. Run fast.


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  1. Great episode!

    It seems that Rick and Lori are separated or something. I liked how he told her off. She bugs the crap out if me. I can not believe Herschel got bitten! Do you think he turns? I have a feeling he does.

    1. I know! Cool, right?

      I loved the attitude he gave Lori. She definitely deserves it, but I'm sure he'll come around soon. Maybe she'll chill out a bit this season.

      Yes! Of all people to get bit... their only doctor. lol. Hopefully cutting off his leg will save him. Which by the way, I don't think the "season 2 Rick" could have done that. It blew me away!

      I loved that opener.. complete silence as they moved in, looked for supplies, and then left.