Monday, October 10, 2011

Zombie Frank!

I am beside myself with anticipation. I am busting out of my skin (and not just because I'm gaining weight).


Because this Sunday is my son's birthday! Oh, and also the premiere of WALKING DEAD SEASON TWO!!!

PLEASE tell me you've seen it. It is the most fantastic show on tv! I never thought I'd see such a fantastic television show centered around life during the zombie apocalypse, but that is truly what it is. I know. I've mentioned that before. I love it. You get it.

I also remember mentioning how cool the original director, Mr. Frank Darabont, was in not only accepting one of my shirts, but writing me such a great thank you! (catch up on the whole story HERE)

So when it came to zombifying someone this week, it was an easy choice....for my birthday boy. He's the one who suggested Mr. Darabont, and it makes perfect sense, considering the timing of the second season.

I present to you, Zombie Frank!

Have you noticed that the addition of flies have kind of become a staple in my images? I like them! I feel they help convey that "rotting" if the dead flesh weren't enough.

Aim high. Run fast.



  1. I'm psyched for the new season! hope your son enjoys his birthday!

  2. Thanks Trina! He's super excited that the the premiere falls on his bday. Maybe I should ask him if that's gift enough. :)

  3. worth a try anyway!

    In 2 days, aim for the head...

    Hey, what do you think the guy at the CDC told Rick (the sheriff) at the end of the last episode? I have a theory, but I'd like your opinion.

  4. I've been pondering that for nearly a year! lol Personally, I think he told him his wife is pregnant! What say you?

  5. That's my guess. and now the sheriff knows who's been buttering her bread...This is gonna get interesting!