Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Did NOT See THAT Coming!

Before anyone makes a "that's what she said" joke, I'm referring to the crazily out-of-the-blue ending to the season premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC last Sunday.

Warning...if you have yet to watch it, the following (and any comments) will contain a spoiler or two.

Wow! What a premiere! We've all been waiting for nearly a year to rejoin Rick and the other survivors as they make their way away from the CDC toward Ft. Benning, GA (a real place in which my dad was once stationed).

Low on gas, and leaning heavily on each others nerves, the crew got a good distance down the road before running into the "freeway graveyard"... a collection of vehicles driven by people long since dead or UNdead. It's at this point that we see another horde... maybe not as large as the one Rick encountered on horseback last season, but a menacing one, none the less.

Diving for cover, the majority of survivors laid under cars waiting for the dead to finish shuffling by (did anyone ELSE think that a zombie would fall down and spot them?).

T-Dog and Darryl weaved in and out of crashed vehicles to avoid being spotted, while a peeved Andrea spent her time battling a zombie in the RV.

I LOVED this scene... I personally felt the suspense was built up extremely well. Frightening...tense... and amazing.

By the way, did you notice the awesome kill Darryl made to save T-Dog? What did he use? Was that an icepick? Whatever it was, Darryl is my new favorite zombie killer. That guy is a ninja... and afraid of no one.

Poor little Sophia...just couldn't wait to get out from under that car, which led to her being chased by two undead into the deep forest. Rick saved her life, but she somehow became separated and is currently MIA.

While searching for her, the group come upon a camping tent. Inside is a corpse...a real one, not a zombie. As the camera pans down to show the gun in the dead persons hand, there is a large button on his jacket. I tried pausing my DVR many times to read what it said and couldn't. Anyone out there get a look and have any idea?

Finally, the big finale..... who saw that coming? A nice, peaceful moment between one of God's unspoiled creatures of the forest, and a child... Carl... then BANG!! I was flabbergasted! So, who did it?? I have a buddy that's thinking it's Merle. Remember him from episode two last year? Darryl's brother whom they left on the rooftop sawing thru his own wrist to get away from the undead?

Despite the fact that he's a jerk supreme, I'm not sure he would take out his anger on a child...but then again, Rick IS the one responsible for handcuffing him on that roof.

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on the premiere, as well as your ideas on where it will go from here! Shout out, zombie fans!

Aim high. Run fast.



  1. Although the show is deviating heavily from the book, I am loving it. Just the fact that we have ZOMBIES on TV. The scariest thing on TV when I was a kid was old Frankenstein movies.

    Now kid getting shot...we are about to run into the farm and get introduced to a bunch more characters, that means some are gonna bite it, or get bited. Is that a word?

    Not too worried about the girl, she probably ran into the farm family and is ok, but I also LOVE Darryl. I don't remember him from the book, but the way he just started gutting that walker, awesome. He is like the croc hunter minus the stingray. Every time I see him though, I see Boondock Saints. GREAT movie if you haven't seen it, highly recomended. No Zeds, but some cool vigilantly killing.

    Can't wait until later tonight. They are showing a new one tonight right? Not stretching it out. We have waited a year and I want uninterupted walker fun.

    ! Walker, shank 'em. 3 Shoot 'em. More....RUN!!!

  2. Yes! New episode tonight!

    I never read any of the Walking Dead comic series, and I've heard the show is deviating from it, but either way...I'm freaking LOVING it.

    Get your popcorn ready, bro. It's almost time!

  3. What is going to make it hard to do, is in the books, a lot of characters die. One right now should be dead and it is a major plot poit.

    I know actors sign on and hope they have 100 episodes, but the real story doesn't go that way. People die, by the hands of children even.

    The book kept it fresh by introducing new characters as others died. i don't think thats gonna work on TV. I hope it works, has so far