Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hopefully by now you've all come to realize how much I love love LOVE the AMC show, The Walking Dead. I'm sure you've heard me blather on and on about the drama, character interaction, horrific suspense, and of course the freakishly awesome zombies.

Well, after nearly an entire YEAR of waiting, Season Two starts TONIGHT!!

But what if you never got around to watching the FIRST season? First of all, shame on you... secondly, it's ok. They're running a complete marathon of the 6 episode first season today starting at 2:30 pm Eastern time (with season 2 premiering at 9 Eastern) so you can get completely caught up.

So load your shotgun, prep those molotovs and kick start those DVR's ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for the "resurrection" of the single greatest television show of our time!

Aim high. Run fast. Tune in.


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