Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reach Out and Bite Someone...

I broke my phone today. Well, the glass face of it. Kind of a pain, but there's a repair place down the street that fixed it in less than 20 minutes. Quick and convenient...and that's what got me thinking. In a zombie apocalypse, there are no quick fixes.

Imagine being on the run from the undead...either to your car or down some stairs, or wherever the apocalypse might find you. You'd probably be glad to have a phone with you, especially if you'd somehow become separated from your loved ones. But how long would a phone actually last?

Let's assume that the apocalypse is in full swing. Traditional forms of assistance are disabled... it's chaos in the street... and also quite likely that the power is out. And, for our purposes, let's imagine that the apocalypse was only virus meteors, no massive other words, we still have towers up and standing.

Now, given that scenario, how long would a cell phone last? If I'm careful, mine can last a couple of days, and I've heard of others lasting much longer... so would you be able to gather your family/friends together in that amount of time? Could you rig a charger to a battery source? And then there's the question of reception.

Is it possible that the rapidly-fading-from-use land line phone could be the savior? Your cell may give out, but what about that old gas station down the street with the filthy wall mounted unit? If poles are still up, it might be just what you need to make contact.

Your thoughts?

Aim high. Run fast. Phone a friend.


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