Friday, October 7, 2011

Trick or Treat or Brains!!

It's nearly Halloween! Soon the leaves will be blowing down the streets, the sky will grow gray and little kids will go door to door begging for candy and throwing eggs.

Know what else you might be seeing soon? Zombies.

With the state of the world today (disease, war, chemical sprays, bio-weapons, Big Macs) it's only a matter of time before we're all swinging ball bats at the neighbors for trying to bite us. Might as well get prepared, right?

What better way to prepare then with The B'hold Designs Official Ultimate Camouflage! It reads "In Event of Undead Attack, the Bearer of this Label is considered Zombie Friendly! Do Not Eat!" What better way to deter a zombie than to say "hey buddy! I'm on your side!" Your new found "friendship" will inspire your attacker to move on, thus allowing you to deliver the killing blow without resistance.

Available in many different styles and colors, this design is also featured on different accessories to add to your personal fortification against the undead! Surprised by a zombie in your kitchen? Relax! You've got your Ultimate Camouflage Coffee Mug!

Yes, machetes, grenade launchers, molotov cocktails, M16s....they will all come in handy when the dead rise from their graves.,.and yes, it's probably true that zombies can't read. But is that really a chance you're willing to take?

Aim high. Run fast. Do not eat!


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