Thursday, June 30, 2011

You've got your EMF in my stage makeup!

I'm not all about zombies. It's true! In fact, as I stated in an EARLIER BLOG I wasn't always interested in them, so it stands to reason that I would have other interests outside the realm of the undead.

One of those interests is the Syfy show GHOST HUNTERS. Jason, Grant and crew charge into all kinds of facilities to see if they can find a real reason for the seemingly paranormal happenings going on within.

Another interest is the classic fire spitting, tongue wiggling rock band, KISS. I first started listening to this group as a young boy of 10, and finally, as an adult, had the opportunity to attend a concert a few years back. These guys flat out rock. Period.

All it took was a silly notion of combining the two, and my inability to focus on anything else and the TAPS/KISS image is born! 

I've done quite a few silly pics of the GH crew over the years. Some of the cast members are aware of them and seem mildly amused. At least no one has sued me yet.

So, click it, dig it, and investigate all night and party every day!

Rock on,


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