Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another freebie!!

Lookie! Here's a new wallpaper to share with all your friends and family....created with love and lollipops by your pals at B'hold Designs!

"We Make Dead People" features just a few of my friends that have been daring enough to be put thru the zombification machine at B'hold Designs labs located miles below the earth's crust.

Now some of you are probably looking at this gift the same way you look at the gifts your cat leaves on your doorstep, but others are no doubt thinking "if only I could be zombified and look as awesome as this wallpaper."

Well, now you can!!

Thanks to recent breakthroughs in undead technology, this process is available to the public for a small fee! Interested? Go HERE for all the details.

Imagine the fun you could have with a picture of yourself zombified! Hang it on the wall among the rest of the family photos and see how long it takes visitors to notice....secretly exchange it for the regular photo of you at grandma's house and watch her freak out! The possibilities are endless.*

And while you're waiting for your undead image to arrive, stroll thru the GIFT SHOP and spend obscene amounts of money. I'll be glad you did. :)

Aim high. Run fast.


*Not really. There's an end somewhere.

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