Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let me explain...

I've never been the most mature person. Intestinal gas makes me giggle. The Beavis & Butthead cartoons I watched as a college student STILL make me laugh.

I've been told many times to grow up, but really, if it hasn't happened by now I don't expect it to, and that's fine with me. I enjoy my immaturity....AND it's thru my immaturity that this new design is born!

Let's be completely honest for a moment...

We've ALL had those incredible "calls of nature" that were so gigantic or traumatic in nature that just surviving it was reason enough to share with others, right? I mean, seriously.... EVERYone, at least ONCE in their life, has looked back into the toilet and thought "I have GOT to tell someone about this!"

Sure...there are some of us that brag about such bathroom events, but MOST people do not, either because they're too embarrassed, or they have tact (something I've learned to live without).

Now, thanks to your pals at B'hold Designs, you'll have people asking YOU for the information, allowing you to brag about your bathroom exploits while using hand gestures similar to fishermen describing the one that got away.

Remember, it doesn't matter how different we are as people. On the squatter, we're all equal. So the next time you feel as if you've given birth on the porcelain throne...stop before you flush...go grab your spouse, sibling, co-worker, or stranger off the street...and point and laugh...take PICTURES if you feel like it...and know you've come one wad of TP closer to world peace.

Indulge your immaturity HERE.


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