Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Design!!

Ever make extensive plans to do something? A vacation perhaps...a trip....maybe a family gathering? Did those plans ever drop down the toilet when the time came? 

Most likely it wasn't anything you had done, but simply the wild card unpredictable nature of another person or even nature itself. Maybe it rained on your camping trip....maybe Uncle Leon barfed in the rental car... it could be anything.

More often than not, meticulously laid plans blow up in our faces. And so could it be when the zombies come! You might have your armored vehicle stocked with gas cans and granola bars, but if the roads are closed what do you do? Maybe you have a safe room, wired and ready to move into, but what if the power is out?

My point is there are only two things you can put on your to do list that you can count on, and I've summed it up on my new 2 STEP ZOMBIE PLAN design...

1. Prepare for the Worst
2. Hope for the Best

So, come by THE SHOP before the next zombie survivalist ice cream social and watch smirks of doubt transform into nods of agreement!

Aim high. Run fast.


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