Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sensational Sell-ebrities! ... pt. 6

Happy July! I cannot believe this is my first entry of the month, but I'm currently on vacation and going thru a few job related things, so I apologize for my tardiness and hope that you haven't missed me too much....actually I hope you've missed me a ton, but not so much that you became socially non-functional and spent all your time in fetal position on your couch, watching zombie movies and chanting "B'hold Designs" over and over.

So, back to business!! 

Welcome to the SIXTH installment of my Sensational Sell-ebrities Series, a blog entry dedicated specifically to those who have NO idea I exist, but whose star power would reeeeeeeally help me sell some stuff. LAST TIME, it was the butt-kicking Milla Jovovich in the spotlight.

Today, I'm featuring TWO people. Why two? Because featuring one without the other just didn't feel right. I'm talking about the fabulous, record flinging zombie killing team of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg from SHAUN OF THE DEAD!

Shaun of the Dead came out back in '04, at the infancy of what I call the "zombie renaissance" in which we currently find ourselves. So, with the inundation of all things undead (films, books, novelties, etc.) it's possible the casual zombie viewer might have forgotten about this film. HOWEVER, the true zombie freak like myself would never forget about this hilarious, touching, heart-wrenching, and horrifying look at the zombie apocalypse. why Simon and Nick??

These guys are great! And, like I mentioned already, the truly devoted fan of the undead will forever hold this film near and dear to his/her heart, and are no doubt, LONGING for a sequel. There will always be those at Halloween and conventions around the world dressing in short-sleeved white dress shirts and "I've got wood" shirts, while lining up for miles to get an autograph, or even just a peek at these fellas.

SO....(Robert Stack voice)....if YOU have seen "Shaun and Ed" throwing back shots at the Winchester, or if you've played video games with them into the wee hours of the morning..please tell them about your old buddy at B'hold Designs, and his wonderful, anti-zombie shirts, because the NEXT time the zombies come, there might not be any cricket bats at the ready. 

Aim high. Run fast.


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