Friday, July 22, 2011

Become a Minion of B'hold Designs!

The other day I was driving thru traffic (as opposed to playing in it) when I noticed one of the vehicles ahead of me had a HUGE logo of a certain speaker system plastered in his back window. I thought "wow, he must really love that brand....or that logo...or maybe just that font."

The more I thought about it, I started remembering and trying to count all the logos I see throughout any given day....I'm not good with math, so I soon gave up and estimated the amount at "a lot."

Now, I have shirts at my STOREFRONT with my logo on them (you know the logo, right? The big circle B in the eye at the top of the page? Yep, that's the one), but unfortunately they don't seem to sell very well. There was that one guy in England I've never met that bought two of them, but seriously that's about it.

So....I figured it was time for a new logo design! Thus I introduce to you, "BE BOLD. B'HOLD!"

I personally feel this design blares out the confidence and swagger that is at the heart of B'hold Designs. Since designing it, I've been sitting back and picturing all the corporate bigwigs staring out the windows of their high rise offices...watching thousands upon thousands of devoted B'hold disciples proudly marching thru the streets. Of course, if those corporate bigwigs are in high rise skyscraper offices, they can't really see what's on their shirts anyway, but still it gives me goosebumps.

So, cruise by THE SHOP and pick up your own piece of B'hold goodness...AND, as a bonus, some styles of clothing come with their own little circle B right between the shoulder you could say I've got your back!

Come on. Kick the swooshes and sports logos to the curb and sport something that can make people stop in their tracks, look with confused wonder and utter "what the heck is that?"

Aim high. Run fast. Sport the B.


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