Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quest for the Ultimate Design Gig...

I love movies. Back in the days before we had children, my wife and I went to movies ALL the time. She even went into labor with our first son just a few hours after watching LIAR, LIAR. (great "waterbreaker" if I ever get to meet Jim Carrey! Get it? "icebreaker" .... "waterbreaker".... childbirth....sorry).

I also love working in photoshop. Those close to me know this, and cringe whenever they give me pictures of themselves for fear I'll turn them into an Oompaloompa, one of Lady Gaga's boobs, or (of course) a zombie.

If only there were a way to combine the world of film and photoshop! Wait a second...there IS! It's the film poster (or One Sheet) design market, and I've been trying to break into it for quite a while now.

I've attached a couple of samples I worked up to send to potential clients. Both are fictional flicks straight from my noggin.

In my quest I've made some good contacts, but nobody would give me a shot, until one independent film maker came along and took a chance little ol' me.

Thanks to Ren Blood, independent film maker and creator of the film ZOMBIE ED, I had the opportunity to design not only the poster, but also the DVD art for the case and disc! Thanks Ren, for the gig! It was a blast!

And now, the quest continues, but with a new image in my portfolio!

So if your uncle Leon makes films, or you happen to go swimming at Spielberg's place twice a week, I'd appreciate it if you would spread the word of your old buddy Brett here at B'HOLD DESIGNS, and one day, when I'm accepting the Oscar for "Coolest flippin' film poster design ever" I'll give you a shout out! :)

Aim high. Run Fast.


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