Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Return of the "30 Odd Minutes" Crew!

Remember a few weeks back when we pushed invited the awesome crew of "30 Odd Minutes" into the world famous B'hold Designs zombification machine (read all about it HERE)? Can you believe they actually came back to visit us?? We had a huge party.... us, them, their attorneys ... it was great!

In fact, we all had SO much fun that we pushed invited them into the machine once more, only to have an intern crank the dial the wrong way! The results weren't zombies, but something...quite different!

Jeff was so inebriated excited that he actually gave us another shout out on his show!

Check it out (shout out starts at 3:25):

Many thanks to the "30 Odd Minutes" crew for being such good sports and not going thru with the lawsuit! You guys are awesome!

Aim high. Run fast.


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