Wednesday, June 27, 2012

30 Odd Zombies!

A couple of weeks ago, we here at B'HQ were surprised and honored to have paranormal researcher Jeff Belanger saunter into our front office, and although he only wanted directions, we pushed him into the old zombification machine and THIS was the result.

Well, not only did he not sue us, he actually came back and brought his friends! And judging by their burning torches and pitchforks, they wanted to have some kind of BBQ / bonfire!

Once they fell into s'mores induced comas, we dragged them into the zombification machine and "accidentally" hit the big red button... resulting in "30 Odd Minutes of the Dead!"

Fortunately for us and our inexperienced lawyers, Jeff and his crew loved the results and even gave B'hold Designs a great shout out on their 100th episode!!

Click this link to check out their program, it's really cool! It streams for free every week and is broadcast on several channels throughout the country. You can even check out past episodes that are archived!

Check it out! (shout out begins at 3:00)

Aim high. Run fast. Thanks "30 Odd" Crew!


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