Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Need a Zombie Bunker?

As the undead approach, you're probably gearing up for the approaching zombie apocalypse by stocking up on granola and toilet paper. Good job. But what about a bunker?

It seems most people that I have seen on the program "Doomsday Preppers" have a back up shelter they are set to run to when the poo hits the fan, and that's a great idea, but what if you wake up one morning, go outside in your boxers to get your paper and find that your yard is already filled with undead? Wouldn't a facility that doubles as a home AND a zombie bunker work best?

You're in luck! The Atlas-F Silo Luxury Home, located in NY's Adirondack Mountains is up for sale!!

This 2000 square foot cabin sits on 19.2 acres of gorgeous forestry, and sports it's own personal airstrip!!

A keypad grants access to the basement where you'll find 2,300 MORE square feet with two bedroom suites, marble bathrooms, 10-foot ceilings, an open floor plan, AND SIMULATED DAYLIGHT.

The basement is actually a former launch control center, with a doorway connecting to the old missile additional NINE STORIES of bunker space.

That's a whole lot of granola and TP.

Check it out (really good stuff starts around 2:00):

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Aim high. Run fast.


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  1. I've seen pictures of this house, but never a video tour. That was epic! You'd need a staff of housekeepers!

    1. lol..yeah. Can you imagine how dark it would be should the power ever fail? I guess if you had to be buried alive, it would be nice to at least be able to stretch out a little.