Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Rides for the Zombie Apocalypse, pt. 5

It's been a while since we've looked at awesome vehicles to have when the undead take over the world, so today we're having a double feature! Take a look at these and see which one you'd rather cruise to your safe house in.

First up, the RALLY FIGHTER...

This sweet looking vehicle has adjustable suspension to adapt to city or rural environments, and Local Motors will actually help you design dang near any customization you want! Of course, it won't haul much in terms of canned goods or fellow survivors, but it WILL haul ass.

Check it out:

Next in line is the PARAMOUNT MARAUDER...

Ok, this thing is nearly a half million dollars, BUT it's basically a roving fortress. It seats a total of ten people, and is designed to withstand impact from mines or IEDs.  It can also be fitted with a turret on top and has options for extra armor or provision capacity. Better have lots of gas cans with you, because this baby sucks it down.

Check it out:

This video isn't as exciting, but shows the interior:

Of course awesome vehicles will only do so much. To REALLY be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you need the ULTIMATE CAMOUFLAGE available from your four-eyed pals at B'hold Designs! Get yours today!

Aim high. Run fast. Start your engines.


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