Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We Rearranged the Furniture!

You know when you spill something on your rug and then you clean it, and the clean spot shows you just how dirty the rest of your rug is? So you work on it and by the time it's all over with you've remodeled your house and dug a swimming pool? That's kind of what happened here.

First came the website redesign! Yes a complete new look with new project samples, and more importantly, new zombies! Check it out HERE!

Once that was complete, we thought this blog could stand to be spruced up a bit. Notice the name change? This blog has become 99% zombie news, so why not reflect it in the name?

So, feel free to wander around, check out some past blog posts, and have some of the virtual snacks that I so lovingly and painstakingly prepared! Just don't eat too many. The toilet's broken. Don't worry though, it's next on the list.

Aim high. Run fast. Hold it in.


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