Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zombie FX for Halloween!

It's getting close.

I'm speaking of the time of year when the friendly summer breeze turns a little chilly... and even foreboding. The brightness of the sky dims, the leaves scatter across the street and little children go door to door asking complete strangers for candy.

Yes, Halloween is fast approaching, and it's never too early to plan your costume. Whether you're taking your little one door to door, or hiding behind that spooky tree in your yard in an effort to cause life-long emotional scars, costumes are an important part of the holiday!

And considering the explosion of popularity zombies have had in pop culture the last few years,  I'm sure the majority of disguises chosen for this holiday will be undead in nature.

Need some tips to bring your own zombie "to life"? Check out this cool video.

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Aim high. Run fast.


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