Friday, August 17, 2012

Interview With "The Walking Dead"

I used to hate this time of year. When I was a kid (way back when brontosaurus roamed the earth), this time of year meant one thing... my summer of freedom was over and it was time to go back to school.

As an adult, this time of year is awesome for the same reason. As I watched my little "Brettlings" leave the nest and head back to the continuation of academic excellence, I realized something: school is just way more fun as an adult than as a kid. I now look forward to the fall.

And NOW there's a NEW reason to cheer the homestretch to autumn! And that reason is we are simply that much closer to the premiere episode of a new season of AMC's "The Walking Dead"!

I'm hoping against hope that AMC and Dish will work out their differences and bring my show back before the beginning of season three, but all I can do is cross my fingers and look up interviews on youtube (which is really hard to do with crossed fingers).

Here's a clip from an interview conducted before season two, with Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Jon Bernthal (Shane), and Sarah Wayne Caliles (Lori)!


Aim high. Run fast.


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