Monday, November 28, 2011

NOOO!!! (spoiler alert)

Well, if you watch AMC's The Walking Dead, you know that the crew finally, FINALLY found poor little Sophia in last night's episode. Unfortunately, Rick had to put a bullet in her head as she was UNDEAD. Anyone see that coming? I sure didn't.

This show is amazing to me. Every episode ends with something that makes me gasp, but NEVER so much as last night. And what exactly did the death of zombified Sophia mean for the program? It means NO ONE is safe, which is exactly how it would be in that situation, and I applaud the show's willingness to be that real.

We all know that Shane has been saying a lot of things lately... that he's the only one that knows what it takes to exist in that world... that Rick's line of thinking is pre-apocalypse and, therefore, outdated and dangerous... that he's the true leader of the group... but who was it that stepped up when necessary, and did the impossible job of putting down undead Sophia? Rick. In that moment, I believe he solidified himself as the true leader of the group.

Shane has been going down a dark path for quite some time now, and I honestly didn't know what would happen in the "swamp confrontation" between he and Dale. Shane has threatened him once already... I honestly thought at the very least, Dale was going to get punched in the face. Now we see (if you've watched the previews for the Feb. 12 episode) that Dale is sharing his thoughts on Shane's character with Lori. How much longer can Shane last before completely blowing a gasket and "going Otis" on one of the group? How much longer will it be before Rick and Shane come to blows? They have such a strong bond of friendship, but can it survive their rivalry over who is the alpha male? What do you think? Feel free to comment your opinion below!

And watch THIS CLIP for a great reflection on last nights episode from the mouths of the actors themselves... and for crying out loud....PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW!

Aim high. Run fast.



  1. I had to choke back tears when Sophie came out of the barn. I totally didn't see that coming! I feel so sad for Carol.
    Shane is such an ass. I'll be surprised if he's around much longer. I do have to say though, that if Shane didn't go off and open up the barn, who knows how long if at all Carol would have had to wait to learn the fate of her daughter.
    But you're right, after all the "saddling up" he told everyone else to do and after all the tras talking he did about Rick to Lori, who was the man who showed up when it really mattered?!

  2. Good point about Shane opening the barn... of course, if he hadn't killed Otis (whose job it was to 'wrangle' the walkers into the barn), maybe everyone would have found out about Sophia even sooner. Maybe not. Who knows... all I know is it was a truly shocking moment... amazing show.

  3. One thing that bugs me is about the whole barn thing and Hirschel other than the whole barn thing and Hirschel is: You've got a group of survivors come in and they are looking for a little girl that wandered off not too far from their farm... With them stowing away the walkers, wouldn't it have set off a few alarms that "hey, just the other day we wrangled us up our very own little girl walker, maybe it's the girl they're looking for"?
    I think Shane is wrong in what he's doing, but he was right about the barn. That barn idea that Rick was going to go along with was so stupid. They were feet away from it all the time. They might as well have left if they were going to be living like that every day.

  4. True. Good point.

    Did you watch the link at the bottom of the blog? The woman who plays Lori said summed it up nicely. She said what Shane did was the right thing to do, but the way he went about it was wrong.