Wednesday, November 16, 2011

28 Investigations Later

Despite having my site currently offline, the scientists in the B'hold Designs labs are still hard at work kicking out undead material. Nothing like mussing up someone's hair and decaying their flesh to take your mind off important matters.

Today I'm adding two new victims to the celebrity zombie archives! Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson! You know them. They've got that popular show on Syfy about ghost hunting titled (appropriately enough) Ghosthunters! Apparently, all those sleepless nights chasing ghosts took it's toll.

Maybe Ghosthunters will have a zombie episode! That would be kind of cool, right? Here's an idea... everyone write letters to the producers of the show requesting it, and put in a footnote about knowing an extremely handsome zombie consultant they could hire and give them my name! What? You thought since I said handsome I meant someone else? Ok, give them my name, but put in a picture of Clooney if it makes you feel better.

Aim high. Run fast.



  1. Ya know, you should de-zombiefy a zombie. Take Bub from Day of the dead and show us what he looked like when he KNEW how to shave and use a Walkman...Walkman= Large mp3 player that used things called "Cassettes" to store and play music.

  2. WORK on a CURE! We only have so many bullets! lol