Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bacon Bites Back!

In what might be the world's ONLY case of Bacon eating people, I present to you the latest celebrity to fall prey to the mad scientists at B'hold Designs....

Mr. Kevin Bacon!!

Ya gotta love Kevin... from the old "how many degrees of Kevin Bacon" game, to Jim Gaffigan's comedy bit ("they're not going to see a Kevin Hotdog movie"), to his frat boy snot character in Animal House and beyond, we ALL know Kevin, and he's awesome. Did you know he was in the very first Friday the 13th movie? True. Go rent it tonight and see for yourself!

And, as always, remember that you TOO can be a member of the undead!

True, Halloween is over... but can you imagine the look on grandmas's face if you were to replace her treasured photo of you in the 7th grade with a zombified image?? Beautiful family moments like that don't just happen by themselves, ya know.

Aim high. Run fast. Kevin Bacon.


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