Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Wallpaper to Amuse and Sicken!

It's that time once again! The time where I design some mildly disgusting images and offer them to my loyal followers for FREE (because no one in their right mind would pay money for them)!

Now I'm assuming that you're all familiar with the "I heart NY" shirts that have been around forever... well, this one is very similar in message, yet just a little different in execution.

I present to you "I heart B"!

What's the 'B' for? Why, it's B'hold Designs silly! Knowing how much you, no doubt, enjoy my candy-fueled ramblings, I thought it appropriate to create a wallpaper that would tell the world (or at least anyone who walks by your computer) about your fondness for the zombies churned out by the "B machine."

And don't forget... there are other ways to show your devotion to B'hold Designs! Check out the "B section" of our storefront! There you will find other items (like the sample to the left) that would make people's heads turn.... in confusion. And what's more fun than messing with peoples heads?

Aim high. Run fast. Join us.


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