Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Like a slimy chunk of styrofoam, B'hold Designs has come charging back up from the depths! It was a while back that my buddy Jason inadvertently sunk my battleship just by giving me a shout-out on his facebook page. But fear not! The four-eyed nerds at B'HQ hooked up jumper cables to the neighbor's car and we are BACK!

Also, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we all know what THAT means. It's time to dig out your vhs copy of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Nothing like Chevy Chase dealing with cousin Eddie and Uncle Lewis to put your own family in perspective, right?

And what goes great with that movie? Christmas-Vacation-specific gear from B'hold Designs!! Over at my shop you'll find TWO styles to remind you of this glorious movie that warms the heart and tickles the funny bone. Style One is Clark's great response to Uncle Lewis' order to fetch his wretched cigar. Style Two is the fantastic question Eddie asked after Clark told the kids about the weather man seeing Santa on his radar.

Need more incentive to come by the shop? How about FREE SHIPPING on orders of $55 or more (use code BERRY), or FREE PREMIUM SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more (use code CRAN)!! And that's site-wide, not just my stuff. So if I don't have anything you like, look around! There are a lot of great designs at cafepress. Not sure how long this shipping offer lasts as cafepress is in charge of that.
See for details.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I truly hope your holiday is filled with obnoxious wonderfulness... be that a quiet evening with the family, or a greased up game of twister with grandma. Enjoy.

Aim high. Run fast. Shitter's full.


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