Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skins Update, and a Plea for Help

(room for one more?)
Last month I contacted a skin company about hosting some of my designs (I had a deal in place with a different company last year, but that fell thru).

I'm very excited about the possibility of hooking up with this new company, as they are more well known. After my last message and samples, they asked me to contact them again at the beginning of next month and we could discuss things.

I'm currently working on some new designs that will hopefully grab their attention and capitalize on this "zombie renaissance" we're currently experiencing in pop culture.

But I need your help...

They are interested to hear what kind of following I have generated online, which will probably aid in their decision making process. So what do I need from you?


Now don't get me wrong. I love the "after school in my garage" gathering we have here. You have each been so great as to not only buy my designs, or read my blathering on a regular basis, but be my friends!  I truly appreciate each one of you....but at the risk of sounding greedy... I need more!

We must take to the streets of the interweb, waving our signs and chanting our slogans, so that the zombie-liciousness of B'HOLD DESIGNS will be known by every man, woman and child! In so doing, perhaps one day ALL may be able to stride down the streets in comfort, knowing that, thanks to designs like THIS, their noggin will be safe in a zombie apocalypse!

Feel free to shout the name of B'hold Designs from your roof (please don't climb up there), or paint my web address on the underbelly of a passenger jet (I wouldn't if I were you)! Personally, I plan to print a few of my blogs out, cork them in a bottle and throw it as far as I can into the ocean (Being hundreds of miles from a coastline it might take a couple of tries).

Whatever you choose to do, know that together we can increase this blogs following and, thusly, increase the number of survivors when the zombies march across our land looking to attack our gray matter with the ferocity of a great dane with a jar of peanut butter!

I thank you, loyal friend and follower of B'hold Designs....and as always...

Aim high. Run fast. Spread the Word.



  1. Thanks Trina! I appreciate it! And tell Brent I said "welcome to the horde!"