Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Relax. It's not the kind of pop quiz we all groaned about during our school days. This one is fun!

Ok, we all know how cool zombies are and how much fun it is to watch movies about the undead....but what if they were real? Here's what I want to know (feel free to write your answers in the comment section or on your hand if you'd rather) :

1. Imagine yourself in a zombie apocalypse. Considering your CURRENT surroundings, what vehicle would you go for? Now before you say a tank with mounted flame thrower, etc..... keep this realistic based upon what is readily available to you right now. If you just happen to live near a military base, great, or if the neighbor has a hummer, that's cool too, but keep it real to your living situation.

2. What three items would you take with you? Again, before you say "helicopter" or "80 lbs of Power bars and 1000 rolls of 2-ply toilet paper" keep it (say it with me) REALISTIC. If you had to be on foot for any period of time, and you could only bring three items, what would they be?

and finally...

3. Where would you go? A relatives house? The hospital? The postoffice? The candy store? Keep it realistic based on some place you could conceivably reach in a relatively short period of time.

So take your time, think about it and let me know what you come up with! Personally, I'll be miles beneath the earth's crust in a safe room deep within B'hold Designs headquarters. I just want to know who I'll be able to call for an update once the zombies come.

Aim high. Run fast. Think hard.



  1. Bug Out Bag for each person-mine is a large sized duffle bag containing: 1 handgun and ammo, cell phone, metal water bottle, couple pairs of socks and underwear, couple shirts, pants, blanket, medicine, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, tooth brush, toothpaste, bar of soap, shampoo, towel, couple grill lighters, roll of toilet paper, roll of paper towels, some personal care items, notebook, pens, an all purpose tool (leatherman), flashlight and batteries, camping mess kit.

    for a vehicle: I would probably just take my own car because I usually keep it full of gas. maybe grab an extra gas can too. we have a couple full propane tanks, so maybe throw those in the trunk-could be a good weapon...

    get my parents to drive to our place then we would head to my inlaws. My father in law has more weapons and ammo and they have enough room for all of us to stay and is not near a city.

    Then just try and set up some kind of barricade and survive as long as possible.