Thursday, September 8, 2011

Could YOU survive a horror flick? many times have you watched a horror movie and become disgusted with the women involved? Every female victim screams and cries and either runs INTO the house or UP the stairs, and most of the time while wearing little more than a towel (after all, who doesn't take a shower during a power outage brought on by a thunder storm in the middle of the woods?).

But, there is one woman that despite her high heels, or panicky nature, taps into that inner "fierceness" and gives the machete-wielding psychopath a run for his money. Her character quickly evolves from scared little rabbit to kung-fu rambolina on steroids....who is she? She's the SCREAM QUEEN.

You're one of those. You know where NOT to know to grab the dead boyfriends car keys before fleeing the scene....AND you know how to make a complicated trap that would make Fred Jones proud!

No freak with a hockey mask is going to kill YOUR dog/mom/boyfriend/sister/babysitter without a machete/chainsaw/hammer/screwdriver to the noggin courtesy of Y-O-U!!

So, come by the shop and pick up the shirt that will make any masked intruder think twice before busting in the door of YOUR summer camp shower room.

Aim high. Run fast. Kick ass.


*Design Reads: "Bona Fide Butt-Kickin', Towel-Wearin', Axe-Swingin' SCREAM QUEEN