Thursday, September 15, 2011

Choose Your Weapon

My sons enjoy playing the zombie apocalypse video game, Left4Dead. I love it too, but I just can't sit there forever like they can. I guess I'm old.

While the survivors of that particular zombie apocalypse are vastly outnumbered, they have some things NONE of us would have if we were ever faced with the same scenario. Guns. Lots and lots and LOTS of guns. AND the ammo to go in them!

Every so often you can find piles of ammo and fully loaded weapons (ranging from handgun to assault rifle and the occasional grenade launcher) just lying around. Usually they're accompanied by untouched first aid kits, and ready-to-use explosives. Convenient, right?

I suppose for video games it pretty much has to be that way, but what about us in the real world? What would YOU use? Do you have anything in your home/office/dorm/apartment that could be used as a weapon? A lot of people own handguns, but not everyone. What then? Power tools? A rake? I want to know!

But, here's the catch... make it something you can actually get your hands on. Keep it real. Just crying out "flamethrower" is cool, but could you get it realistically?  Maybe you could....are you, or a family member in the reserves with access to high powered weaponry? Awesome. Are you in an apartment with not even a hammer? Find something around you! Pretend your door will be broken down any moment! What can you use to defend yourself?

And while you're thinking about it, why not take the first step of zombie protection and purchase your own B'hold Designs Ultimate Camouflage....better than a flame thrower, and cheaper, too!

Sound off, zombie fans!

Aim high. Run fast. Be creative.



  1. Being a disabled veteran, I am not the fastest, but I have excellent aim. I also have a basement filled with lots of ammo and food. I know how to make a rain catch and my house can be easily fortified.

    I would not run, some Zeds are not going to run me away from my house at first. I will stay quiet, after doing my fortifications, and live in my basement until the living get thinned out a bit. I believe in a zombie plague, the living will pose the bigger danger. I will wait it out until I can get my 4-Runner out to this place nearby that was supposedly a NASA "Listening Station". It has recently been uncovered as a HUGE underground "city" that stretches from here to Atlanta. After a quick check there and a few other places, I will decide where to move. The advantage of living in the mountains, Zombies follow the path of less resistance, DOWNHILL.

    Raised an Army Brat, serving in the armed services and going to the range to untrain myself from firing body shots and going for the head, have prepared me well in terms of combat AND survival techniques. And if our town can come together and THINK, there are only four major ways into our town. A few good explosions in the right places would seal us off.

    I may be slow, but my aim is true.