Friday, March 29, 2013

Another Sweet Ride for the Zombie Apocalypse

I did a short series some time back introducing awesome ideas for "sweet rides" for the impending zombie apocalypse. It appears we have a late arrival to the party.

Introducing the Devolro Diablo... basically a Toyota Tundra pumped up on a big gulp-sized portion of steroids!

So what's it got? Seven inch lift bumpers, a 520 hp supercharged V8, a 50-gallon gas tank, crazy amounts of LED lighting and a roof-top rack just for starters. Want more? The Miami-based shop will outfit your truck with up to six bunks, a kitchen and a bathroom.....IF you've got a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around.

Check it out:

Aim high. Run fast. Vroom vroom!


B'hold Designs Store
B'hold Designs Website

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