Monday, April 1, 2013

Season Finale!

Warning: Spoilers Below!

Yesterday, my son informed me that the facebook page for AMC's "The Walking Dead" posted that 27 people would die in last night's season finale, and they were not kidding!

After stabbling Milton and leaving him to turn in the room in which he was holding Andrea, the Governor and his army of frightened survivors that have never fired a weapon before stormed the prison and were greeted by an ambush that sent them running (well, driving) for the hills!

While the prison crew were celebrating, the Governor stopped the people running and snapped, firing on and killing most of the aforementioned 27 people!! He then got in the truck with his two remaining wide-eyed henchmen and drove away, never to be seen again in the episode.

Meanwhile, Andrea struggles to pick up a pair of pliers with her feet to free herself while hoping that Milton would hold on long enough to keep from eating her face off.

Rick, Daryl and Michonne discover the carnage left in the Governor's wake, and find a survivor who then tells Tyreese what happened. The gates open and, at the end of the episode, the remaining Woodbury people pack up and move to the prison (I'm not sure why it didn't happen the other way around).

But what about Andrea? Well, after struggling to pick up the pliers (while stopping every few seconds to stare at Milton instead of escaping), she works her way out as he rises from the dead, and put him down. Unfortunately, she was bitten, and while a crying Michonne kept her company, she shot herself. Andrea is no more.

Oh! And guess who needs therapy? Little Carl! He showed himself to be a chip off the old Shane as he gunned down a frightened Woodbury teen retreating from the battle zone. The kid was putting his weapon down, but Carl didn't want to make the same mistake as he did with the zombie that killed Dale back in season 2.

Check out this video rundown of the episode with commentary from those involved:

Aim high. Run fast. Only 6 months until season 4!


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