Monday, April 29, 2013

What If You Ran Out of Ammo?

I love the video game Left4Dead. It's bloody and scary (to me), and just a lot of fun. But it, like many other video games, isn't really realistic (if you can accept a zombie apocalypse as reality). Why? Well for one thing, I can heal myself just by wrapping invisible gauze all over me. But the main reason is the endless piles of weapons and ammo. Where else can you turn a corner and find a fully loaded AK, or assault rifle, then plenty more ammo around the next corner?

Obviously, in such a situation, the ammo would eventually run out (unless you were lucky enough to be hunkered down in a vast military fortress). So what do you do?

Check out this video of Joerg Sprave of With the help of his friends at ZombieGoBoom, he shows us how useful Dennis the Menace might be, should Mr. Wilson come shuffling thru his yard.

Aim high. Run fast.


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