Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to Basics with Brooks (Max Brooks, that is)

I’ve done a lot of posts about things that can help keep you safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse - cars, amazing bunkers, and fancy schmancy modified weaponry – but there hasn’t been that much talk here about basic survival.

While having a flame-thrower, or a blimp stocked with Doritos would be great, what is it that you would actually need in those crazy days?

For that answer, I turn to the man who literally wrote the book on zombie apocalypse survival. I’m talking of course about Mr. Max Brooks.

Max has become the go-to guy for zombie survival in the last few years. With live appearances around the country and all over television, he has spread the word of true zombie survival.

So… say you have to hike from your home all the way across state to the safety of your uncle Leon’s condo. And let’s assume you don’t have access to a tank or a machine gun crossbow. What does Max say that you need?

2. Some way to collect and PURIFY water!
3. Broken-in hiking boots (blisters are not funny!)
4. Dry socks (trench foot is definitely not funny!)
5. A radio that doesn’t need batteries (and an earpiece so you’re not broadcasting to everything living and undead within earshot)
6. Some means of making fire (matches are good, flint and steel and char cloth are better)
7. Some means of self-defense (preferably something that doesn’t need reloading)
8. A first aid kit
9. A Swiss army knife or multi-tool
10. The Zombie Survival Guide — ONLY if it’s in paperback! Hey, I love e-books too, but remember, in a crisis, paper doesn’t break or simply run out of juice!

Now, I’m sure Max wouldn’t mind if I added a number 11 to his list. That, of course, being the world-famous B’hold Designs UltimateCamouflage! If you doubt it’s power, consider this…. Max himself owns one. Of course I begged him to take it, but he did! (click HERE for the whole sordid tale.)

And one more thing… remember, in a zombie apocalypse, all bets are off. As “The Walking Dead” has taught us, anyone can become undead at ANY time. Even Mr. Brooks.

Aim high. Run fast.


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