Friday, January 25, 2013

Warm Bodies

I've seen this movie being advertised online for a while now, but have been avoiding blogging about it. Why? Because I guess I'm kind of a "zombie snob." I prefer the films I see to showcase zombies in their "classic form." What does that mean? It means, unable to learn (didn't care for Bub in "Day of the Dead"), unable to think, and unable to use weapons (both found in "Land of the Dead").

Now it appears I have to state that I want them unable to LOVE!!

While the movie appears to be funny (and funny zombies are ok... see "Shaun of the Dead"), it also appears to possess a love story, which downright pisses me off.

I'm sorry, but you can screw around with other movie monsters and make them all warm and squishy and sexually desirable, but don't... and I can't stress this enough... DON'T "TWILIGHT" MY ZOMBIES!

Personally, I love zombies because of the horror of the situation. I mean, what's more horrifying then watching your uncle Leon die in your arms, only to have him come back and try to chew your face off?!

Will this movie do well? Probably. But only because the market is saturated with undead right now, so those that started calling themselves "zombie fans" a month or so ago are already getting bored.

Here's the trailer, in case you want to check it out. I'm not saying boycott it by any means. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it, and that's totally cool, but as for myself..... no thanks.

Aim high. Run fast.

A zombie fan before it was fashionable

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